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High speed multi head embroidery machine

YN Sequin Device

YN Sequin Device

The rotary head machine meets this Sequin Device and changes the Embroidery History.


A Novel Design taste

The threads for sewing sequin have disturbed the design till now.
We succeeded to make a new color expression with using reflection of light and sequin thread on this YN rotary sequin device.
Barudan rotary head machine makes you possible to express your several colored design with using only 1 color of sequin and several threads up to 9 colors.
You will see the great finish you have never seen before.

Superior cost performance

You use only 1 kind of sequin. (YN Twin Sequin: You use only 2 kind of sequin.)
You don't need to prepare many colors of sequins and change the devices.
Therefore, you will widen the range of the design.
Also you can offer the products, which the cost performance is extremely high by the YN rotary sequin device.

YN Sequin Device

YN Single Sequin Device

YN Single Sequin Device

YN Twin Sequin Device

YN Twin Sequin Device

This is the identity of Barudan

The expression technique is available by Barudan's rotary head machine only.
We already have a patent of the machine, and we have gotten the utility model rights of sewing technique and processed production.
We promise that we give you high quality and reliance!

Let's add the YN rotary sequin to your new partner.

Embroidery Sample

YN Single Sequin Embroidery

Fleur De Lis(Continuous Design)

Fleur De Lis
(Continuous Design)

Saree-like(Continuous Design)

(Continuous Design)

Crown(Denim version)

(Denim version)

Score(Bag version)

(Bag version)

X'mas Bear(Leather version)

X'mas Bear
(Leather version)

The Horsehead Nebula Barnard 33

The Horsehead Nebula Barnard 33

Heart Basket

Heart Basket



Mobile Phone Charms(Leather version)

Mobile Phone Charms
(Leather version)

YN Twin Sequin Embroidery

A Heavenly Maiden(Canvas version)

A Heavenly Maiden
(Canvas version)

Elephant(Knit version)

(Knit version)

Halloween Muskmelon(Chamois Leather version)

Halloween Muskmelon
(Chamois Leather version)

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