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Barudan customers know they can trust not only their machine, but also the dedicated team that offers technical support and service. Requesting service and support is easy - by opening a support log or simply call our 24 hr Technical Support Help Line.
At Superfine Embroideries Ltd, we do our best to reply to all inquiries in a timely manner and allot Engineers immediately. Our success rate in getting customers and machines back to peak performance is the best in the industry.

Genuine Parts

Superfine has all the Genuine Barudan parts you need - only a phone call or email away.

If you need technical support for your machine, please fill out our online service request form, or call our Technical Service Co-ordinator @ +91 9944456180


When you choose Barudan, you choose proven reliability, award winning service and the best warranty in the industry. We provide warranty for all Barudan machines we supply & ensure 0 or minimum machine break downs. Superfine being Barudan’s authorized service center installs & maintains the machines under AMC .


Having an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) helps you in minimizing the maintenance & operation cost with minimum downtime of your Barudan Machines in a planned and proper manner. Our customers also avail concessional rate for spares which are required to be ordered and kept in stock. Our highly skilled and trained technicians, who will attend to your Barudan machines, suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts to be changed if any. This will help you in proper maintenance of your machine at minimal cost.

Annual Maintenance Schedule For Barudan Machines
  • lubricating the Machines Sewing system and refill with fresh Oil or Grease
  • Left-to-right and front-to-back level of the machine and correct, if required.
  • Cleaning and Lubricating Pantograph guides
  • Adjust belts for tightness and Change if worn out
  • Check Brake Shoe Condition
  • Electrical Switches and are assessed and rectified where required.
  • Productivity improvement necessity and recommend any accessories / upgrading.
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule as per Barudan Lubrication Chart.
  • Check and Apply Motor bearings (with grease)
  • Cleaning UTSM Wheel
  • Checking and Cleanig Trimmer Mechanism
  • Check Blade sharpness and recommend Changing New spare blade.
  • Check for all Electrical and Electronic boards in Driver Box and cleaning
  • Check all Rotary Hooks and Retiming as per requirement.

Aging machines lead to increasing maintenance cost, unpredictable breakdowns and hence, a drop in performance. Instead of buying a new machine, reconditioning the old one provides improved performance, is much faster and cost effective, and existing manpower can be utilised. We undertake complete reconditioning of old model Barudan machines . Reconditioning involves complete re-building of the entire machine in order to restore complete functionality and accuracies of the equipment. Based on the scope of contract and your budget, the extent of re-furbishing can include the following:

  • Complete strip down of the machine with a through inspection and replacement, if required, of all worn-out and failed parts with genuine parts.
  • Complete upgrade of Bottom and Top Thread trimming Mechanism.
  • Rewiring of the entire electricals.
  • Retrofitting of modern Top Thread Tensioners if required
  • Replacement of old Belts and Bearings with brand new genuine parts
  • Realignment of the machine to ensure the original accuracy.
  • Final inspection, trials
  • Training (under customer support)
TAP Training

The technical assistant program (TAP) to our clients. In collaboration with Barudan we have helped customers get the maximum out of their machine through special training programs. These comprehensive training program cover all aspects of maintenance, Operation, Framing and so on. Along with training on operation, we also cover training on overall electrical & electronics maintenance, to keep machine downtime to the minimum. There are many satisfied customers who have undergone such training program from Superfine Embroideries Ltd and can vouch for the benefits.